There are many student clubs including academic, technical, voluntary, dance art, and sporting in campus .There are other student self-discipline associations which contain Student Accociation, Student Congress, graduate union, 19 department student associations and various professional related voluntary teams, whose multiplicity and diversity are all above standard. Our aim is to train outstanding leaders of student self-discipline groups and encourage students to have wide, amd deep learning, and not only to be  textbook dased. We will positively recommend all of our student leaders to participate in the training programs, which are excellent associations held outside campus during every summer and winter vacation. The extracurricular activity sector will normally hold all kinds of leader workshops to fulfill the spirit of self-discipline during summer vacation. At the beginning of every school year, student councils will hold club exhibitions and get every student involved and to enjoy their time. All of these could make them choose what they love and love what they choose, and positively join our association activities.